In the rapid growth of mobility field, we are participating in sharing business, new energy development, and a low-carbon type next-generation transport infrastructure and service construction business that utilizes all of the above.
Although the speed of technological innovation is fast within this business field, we are acting as an active investor and as a good partner for Sumitomo Corporation’s new field of business and responsible for broadly delivering its services to the society.

In addition, we contribute to the improvement of social infrastructure all over the world through businesses such as construction machinery, industrial vehicles, and repair parts related to them.
For example, machines that we have supplied are still active on current sites such as roads, bridges, harbors and mining development sites in Africa and other emerging countries.
Furthermore, we supply these machines and parts for repair to construction dealerships that are expanding worldwide by Sumitomo Corporation, and we have been offering high added value from the sale of construction machinery and industrial vehicles to the field of after sales service.
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Main Products & Service

・Sharing Service of electric scooters, batteries, etc.
・Demo-Operation of eco-friendly electric bus that utilizes a new-generation power supply.
・Construction machinery, industrial vehicles, mining development machines, road paving machines and related repair parts